- Repair Asset Management Program --- Click here to down our RAMP presentation!

  • R.A.M.P. - Manage your Repairable Assets, Expenses and Activities to Make Better Decisions
  • Reliable Asset Tracking – Know if your asset is in production, out for repair or in the tool crib.
  • Bottom Line Savings – Extensive information on equipment life cycle.
  • Timely Reporting – Frequent customized reporting on repair costs, activity, repair vs. replacement savings, frequency of repair and more.
  • Easy Access – This information is available 24/7 through our web site.
    Warranty Tracking: Easily capture OEM & Repair Warranty savings.



Our program will help you save money and provide you information about your repairable assets and their status at the tip of your finger on a 24/7 basis.  Now you will be able to track warranties, summarize activity through customized reports and capture data on the things that save you money and help you make smart business decisions.   

- Current RAMP clients can login to MyRepairs(Link to http://ramp.act-repair.com/Reporting/) to monitor repair activity.
- Current ACT internal RAMP Manager can login to RAMP as below to access related information.